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Business Gymnasiumis the first Romanesque school of high-level business education in Italy. It is the result of a process innovation integrated by both classroom and gym activities. n fact, this formula tends to overcome the criticalities of the current educational offerings on the market simply linked to notions, hardly usable in everyday life and therefore it moves in favor of young entrepreneurs and their employees in company.

Business Gymnasium, unico scenario formativo in Italy per tipologia, è frutto della nostra ricerca iniziata nel 2008 nelle Aziende Italiane, in order to develop the leadership of young business talents companies, overcoming problems related to major difficulties in the exercise of business management on global markets.

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aimed at young entrepreneurs, professionals or managers who wish to increase their business potential in order to win the competitive challenges of tomorrow

Training and Research

Our concept of training derives from moulding that is giving a shape. Our training is therefore the  result of research carried out over ten years in business contexts. It is in fact intended as a contribution and stimulus to the growth of the person, of the work teams profession, of business organizations. In other words, it pursues the development of character according to effective methods that are the fruit of our experience gained in the field. It is not a set of notions contained in a drawer. On the contrary, it is the result of an organic-practical plan that tends to structure, solidify and reinforce the character of young entrepreneurs. It is an ongoing commitment throughout human life.

Just because it is related to the processes of change, transformation, development of both corporate and personal systems, training must aim at improving and developing the person, as a process of renewing knowledge and individual abilities in order to improve cognitive and phisycal aspects to be employed professionally in the company.

Training Plans

We have developed training programs aimed at supporting and overcoming the critical issues related to excessive notion in order to aim straight at the character through methods and verifications that integrate not only business management skills but also athletic training.

Some topics covered during the Gynnasio are for example: Business Organization, Sales, Strategy, Marketing, Corporate Finance and Control, Motivation, Negotiation, Problem Solving, Change Management, Internationalization, ICT. And again, to increase thebalance of each person and his character:  Food Techniques, Gym Training Plans, Greek Roman Struggle Techniques.

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