The breakfast, queen f the italian diet – dott.ssa Giovanna Lanave

The breakfast, queen f the italian diet – dott.ssa Giovanna Lanave


The best way to start the working day would be to have a careful breakfast.

Breakfast, expression of the TYPICAL MEDITERRANEAN DIET, is in fact, in our classical culture, the main meal with which vital energies are released, the same ones that allow to generate a vital sprint for the whole working day. Nevertheless, in everyday life, we make exactly the contrary. Many Italians skip breakfast, eat a sandwich for lunch and exceed in the evening.

Therefore, in order to have an EXCELLENT RE-GENERATIVE BREAKFAST, it is necessary to follow these points:

getting up early by anticipating the alarm time by at least half an hour so that you sit at the table calmly, patiently, devoting precious time to yourself, that is the time needed to face yr workday vigorously;

removing sugars to avoid the increase of insulin which will lower the glycemia to lower levels than those of starting, again triggering the hunger symptom. Of couese avoiding but within limits, so it’s fine to eat honey, some jams, refined cereals;

adding whole grains, fruit to associate with cow or vegetable milk, tea and coffee;

adding the proteins that increase the sense of satiety and activate the metabolism thanks to the thermogenic effect. So it’s allowed to consume the sugar-free yogurt, some fresh cheeses, some fatty and lightly sliced ​​fish;

finishing with healthy fats like walnut or almond creams, dried fruit or coconut and avocado.

The combination of these indications help us to build a CUSTOMIZED DIET and avoid to have concentration and and psycho-motor efficiency drops during the working day, going furthermore to drastically reduce hunger attacks that would threaten the psycho-physical balance.

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