We are what we eat, we eat what we think - Dott.ssa Giovanna Lanave

We are what we eat, we eat what we think - Dott.ssa Giovanna Lanave


There are people who, despite the desire to change their lifestyle and get back into shape, continue to eat in a disorderly way. On the contrary, there are others who are very adept at fulfilling their purpose. What makes the difference? What special ation they make to succeed?

What a person repeatedly thinks of himself, of his body and his food, becomes over time a consolidated mental pattern, which conditions his habits and the consequent results in his food path. What he thinks affects his actions, his habits his body. It is therefore important for each individual to maintain high self-confidence and ability, to be available and to act in different ways, with an open mind, with optimism, giving attention and value also to the small results obtained. These are all mental attitudes that lead to the improving of eating habits and achieving goals.

The Mediterranean diet

The path of the correct and healthy food route is traced by the Mediterranean Diet, valid also in the workplace, not only as prevention and therapy in degenerative diseases such as obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, etc. In fact, the secret of efficiency seems to be associated with it , as it avoids the body burdening, it improves concentration, productivity and brilliance at work. The reason lies in the nutrients contained in the foods that make up the Mediterranean Diet, which allow us to improve our efficiency and productivity by reducing stress, such as vitamin B and C , magnesium, zinc, copper, potassium, iron and selenium. The ideal is that the diet includes many seasoned vegetables with extra virgin olive oil, whole grains, legumes, oilseeds, dried fruit, aromatic herbs, spices, seasonal and local fruits and vegetables. And then the lean proteins of fish, chicken, turkey and eggs.

Other important rules to increase brain function and improve work performance are:

  1. Having a king's breakfast based on complex carbohydrates, proteins and fruit has many benefits: it reduces hunger by mid-morning, provides our brain with a message of abundance that activates the production of hormones for consumption rather than accumulation (produced instead from afternoon to evening);
  2. Having dinner early and moderately: eat a few hours before going to bed and spend at least 10-12 hours before breakfast. This is because some scientific researches have shown that the "ketone bodies" that are produced in the absence of carbohydrates could have a protective effect on brain cells;

Performing regular sporting activity: it is shown that it releases endorphins, also called "happiness hormones". Therefore, starting a sporting activity and practicing it consistently is an ideal solution to ease the tension from stress and therefore to be more lucid and mentally ready as well as satisfied!

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