Business Plan


What is the business plan

The business plan is not just a "document" with numbers or graphics: it is actually a process of evaluating and validating the company project and it is important to the entrepreneur who - through the business plan - defines, in an orderly and analytical way, his own intuition or what led him to set up the company.

The business plan, therefore, pursues the objective of covering in advance all the aspects of the new initiative, or of the change, evaluating (also through the simulation that must never delay) the consequences of the various possible strategic, organizational, financial, productive and commercial choices, in a medium and long term time frame. Finally, the process of drawing up the business plan takes the form of a document presenting the new initiative (or the initiative that is the fruit of innovation), a summary of the business culture that is necessary to enable the entrepreneur, as well as the potential investors and financiers, to evaluate the attractiveness and riskiness of their possible investment.

The criticality

There are two critical points. The first is certainly the forecast of revenues. In fact many projects have failed due to this incorrect forecast. The preliminary feasibility study, necessary for the subsequent planning of the activities, must take particular care in analyzing the reasons why the customers you address to, should be attracted by the products or services of the company, compared to those of the relative competitors. It is therefore essential to correctly assess the sustainability of the business, looking at the market. The second critical point concerns the consistency of information, or rather the need to evaluate, all aspects of the new initiative or company to be re-structured.

The Management Consultant

For this reason, the business plan is drawn up by the Management Consultant with the necessary attention and the necessary skills that represent the management method in Marketing, Sales, Production, Logistics, Organization, Management, Administration, Finance and respective interactions.

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